Child Custody.

Child custody disputes put a lot on the line for our clients – their parental rights, the long-term welfare of the kids, their financial stability and much more. They hire Epstein Family Law when they need a seen-it-all-before firm with the drive, deal-making capabilities and relentless courtroom advocacy to achieve the best possible outcome. It gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we’ll do everything in our power to tackle every challenge they face, and we genuinely care about protecting their children from being caught in the crossfire.

Experience Matters in Child Custody Cases

Our deep experience handling difficult cases in family law courts all over the Greater Dallas area is a significant advantage for our clients. We have resolved custody matters spanning virtually every type of issue, including, but not limited to:

  • Child Custody Disputes
  • Modifications of Court Orders
  • Enforcement and Contempt Suits
  • Visitation Schedules
  • Parental Rights and Duties
  • Child Support
  • Parent Relocations
  • Long-Distance Visitation
  • 50/50 Possession Schedules
  • High-Earner Parents
  • Military Parents
  • Grandparents’ Rights
  • Paternity Determinations
  • Stepchild Adoptions
  • Substance Abuse and Recovery Issues
  • Family Violence
Dedicated to Achieving the Right Outcome for You and Your Children

We have an impressive track record of helping clients resolve challenging custody matters both in and out of the courtroom. Whether the custody dispute arises during a divorce or between unmarried parents, important decisions must be made that will have a substantial impact on the children’s lives moving forward, including, but not limited to:

  • Which parent will the kids live with the majority of the time?
  • How much visitation and parenting time will each parent have with the kids?
  • Who will pay monthly child support and how much? Who will pay for various expenses?
  • How will decisions be made about the kids’ education, religious training, medical treatment and other important parenting areas?

No-holds-barred litigation is rarely the best option to resolve these difficult issues. That’s why we encourage parents to find common ground and negotiate an agreed-upon custody, child support and parenting plan that fits the family’s values and unique circumstances, fosters a strong and civil co-parenting relationship to the extent possible, and minimizes future disputes. But we are also ready to litigate these issues through trial when necessary to achieve our client’s goals and protect the best interests of the children.

Modification of Custody Orders When Circumstances Change

Our clients’ needs and circumstances, along with the needs and circumstances of their children, often change considerably over time, and they count on our team to guide them through the modification process when their custody orders no longer fit their family situations. Courts will order a modification if a party can establish that the circumstances of a child, parent or other person affected by the order have materially and substantially changed and that the requested modification is in the best interest of the children. We help clients modify custody orders for a wide variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Emergency situations where a child’s safety is at risk, including cases involving family violence or substance abuse
  • A parent wishes to relocate outside the geographic area of the child’s primary residence
  • The visitation schedule conflicts with a parent’s work schedule or is no longer workable
  • An increase or decrease in child support is necessary
  • A child reaches age 12 and wishes to live with the other parent.
Custody Cases Involving Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Epstein Family Law has extensive experience with resolving custody disputes where a parent’s battle with drug or alcohol abuse is a primary issue. We put the health and safety of our clients’ children above all other considerations in these difficult cases. But we also believe that recovering parents should earn second chances to build positive relationships with their kids after working hard to achieve a stable and consistent sobriety.

The court will ultimately decide what’s best for the kids when a case involves substance abuse concerns. Several factors must be fully evaluated, including whether the parent is currently abusing drugs or alcohol, is making progress in a recovery program or has remained sober for a significant time period. If the court finds that a traditional custody arrangement is inappropriate, it can order various alternatives based on the circumstances, including visitation with conditions such as drug and alcohol testing, supervised visitation, and/or sole custody for the non-impaired parent.

Consult with a Child Custody Lawyer

To discuss your case with an experienced child custody lawyer, contact Epstein Family Law at 972-232-7673. We represent clients in counties throughout the Greater Dallas area, including Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant, Ellis, Rockwall, Kaufman and Johnson, plus others.