"Robert and Jenn are life savers. They helped my husband and I through one of those situations I think most people would hear about and assume it were a Lifetime movie. There was no small detail spared, nothing missed by this team. They take pride in being professional and ethical to everyone involved. Each step of the way everything was meticulously explained, and they were never out of reach when we had questions. My family is forever grateful for Robert and Jenn, and I feel confident anyone taking on a difficult time would receive the same care and dedication."

"Robert has been working with me for years now on a situation that multiple other highly rated attorneys told me was impossible to change. Robert never hesitated once he heard of the help I needed and has been full steam ahead fighting for me and my family since day 1. Robert is highly respected in this field and the DFW area with judges, other lawyers, and others involved in the legal process knowing and respecting his practice and his character. He has also shown nothing but respect to me. Even with such expertise level of knowledge he does not speak down to me and has impeccable communication, giving me both guidance through every step and also a voice. He is non-judgmental and empathetic. He has integrity and truly cares about what is best for families- especially for children. I’ve never left a Google review for anything before, but I feel that if anyone were questioning what to do next in a tough family situation and saw this- this would be your sign to choose Robert as your advocate. There are no words to really say how thankful I am for what Robert has been able to do for my family so far."

"A firm that goes above and beyond for their clients and delivers the best possible results. Would absolutely recommend for anyone looking for a family law firm."

"Robert is incredibly professional, prepared, and responsive. No matter if it’s a call, text or email, there’s always a response and it’s always in fairly short order. Which, is extraordinarily difficult attribute to come by, where most other attorneys are concerned. Choosing Mr. Epstein, was one of the best and most crucial decisions I’ve ever been faced with. I would do it again, without hesitation. Be it small, large, simple or tumultuous, I’d recommend he and his firm, to anyone in need."

"Mr. Epstein genuinely cares. And he and his team go above and beyond for you as their client. He knew how to prepare me and put my mind at ease and how I would be questioned, something that is normally terrifying. He is excellent at responding and keeping you in the loop of what is going on. And no issue is too small, no matter the nature of it. He is very direct and realistic about matters and doesn’t sugar coat things. He uses all your facts and truths and will absolutely fight for you. I trust him and his firm 100%."

"Robert and Jenn are one of the most professional lawyer I've worked with. From the beginning until the end, they provided their best service. You are always aware where you are in the process. Robert provided the most objective opinion one can get and help you to expedite things, so things will be done faster. He always give me the freedom to choose and respected my opinion. He always perform under pressure, and he is your greatest ally in this process. Jenn is always on top of the paper works and extremely organized. They are the best people that one could ask to be defending you in this extremely stressful process. 5 stars for everything!"

"Mr. Epstein handled this difficult divorce with great skill and compassion. I would recommend him without hesitation."

"Robert was fantastic start to finish. He was very responsive, patient, and explained everything thoroughly. He always did his best to resolve matters efficiently and as amicably as possible. He sought solutions rather than conflict and that was appreciated. Highly recommend."